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Thann Sanctuary: Products

What is rice bran oil?
Rice bran oil is natural oil that is created from the hull of the rice grain. It is a core ingredient used in majority of Harnn & Thann product line.  Found to be an excellent source of the essential fatty acids, rich in antioxidant nutrients and vitamin E that promote overall good health and stimulates the body and spirit.

What type of product/oil do you use for body massage?
Our massage oil has been formulated with Rice Bran Oil, which is high in antioxidants, vitamin E to moisturize and to soften your skin, with a higher than average blending strength to elevate the therapeutic benefits. Easily absorb, non greasy and will not clog your pore. 

Do you use mineral or sulphonated oil for any of your treatment?
Absolutely not.  We do not use mineral or sulphonated oils which has clinically proven to clog your pore which causes outbreak and it also block the performance of the essential oils.

Is your product natural and does it contain any synthetic fragrances?
All our products contain only the finest natural ingredients with no artificial colour, synthetic fragrances, harmful preservative, animal by products or SLES.

Why do Thann product fragrances vary in strength?
The fragrances in Thann skincare products are 100% natural blends of  essential oils and pure whole plant extracts. Like fine vintage wines, each batch of our fragrance blends is as unique as the year’s plant harvests. Our product fragrances may gently evolve over time, and are often their most potent when first applied to the skin. We know it’s the habit of our customers to try skincare treatments on their hands and immediately smell what they’ve tried. It’s important to remind our customers that 100% natural fragrances behave completely differently from their synthetic counterparts. Our fragrances soften on skin a few moments after application. The more immediate strength of our fragrances when product is first applied is an important indication of both the freshness and potency of our whole plant ingredients.

Why does come of Thann products contain alcohol?
Alcohol is a crucial element in our formulas because it helps keep our 100% natural essential oils and extracts stable. We use organic alcohol derived from wheat, which is absolutely pure and safe for your skin. We use the lowest possible levels of alcohol that we can, while still maintaining the stability of our formulas.

Is all Thann packaging recycled and recyclable?
We strive to use environmentally responsible materials whenever we can. To the extent that it’s possible, our paper, packaging and shipping materials are eco-friendly and created from post-consumer and post-industrial materials.

What is that heated pillow used during my treatment, is it for sale?
The heated cassava pillow is made of cassava pearl which can be used after heating it in a microwave for 3-5 min to relief muscle tension, especially on the shoulder or lower back. To ensure even heating, we recommend you to fan out the pillow as much as possible during microwave, and gently shake the pillow to ensure the heat is spread out evenly. To further enhance your experience, place 2-3 drop of essential oil of your choice.  The cassava pillow is available for retail; simply ask one of our friendly retail associate.
I love the tea that was being served, where it is from?
We served a wide range of tea by Thann Native, our in-house premium blend of tea. All the teas are available for sale at the Retail Area. Simply ask one of our friendly retail associate and they will be more than delighted to help you.